Funeral Planning

Funeral Planning
It is never an easy time when a loved one passes away. The stress and anxiety that comes with having to arrange a funeral is being further increased as each year passes and the associated costs rise.

At present it is estimated that the average cost of a funeral is almost £5,000 and this will continue to climb as funeral costs rise above the rate of inflation.  It is not unheard of for there not to be enough left in the estate of the deceased to pay for it.

The solution is to fix the cost and pay for your funeral now through the purchase of a funeral plan.  This not only ensures that your estate will be in a better financial position but that the stress of arranging a funeral will be taken away from your loved ones.#

Honorato Legal works with one of the major national Funeral Planning companies who have an extensive network of funeral directors.

We are here to help Find out more or book your free No Obligation consultation.

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